International conference ‘Vernacular Books and Reading Experiences in the Early Age of Print’

In the first 150 years of European printed book production (c. 1450-1600), the new medium of print evolved from its indebtedness to manuscript culture into a full-grown means of communication and articulation. How were reading experiences shaped both by producers and users of vernacular books? Who read in the vernacular, why, and how? These are the central questions of the international and interdisciplinary conference ‘Vernacular Books and Reading Experiences in the Early Age of Print’, which will take place from 25 to 27 August 2021 at Leiden University Library and online.

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‘Necessary for all women’: Writing a Thesis on Female Reading, 1500-1650 – Door Jessie Pietens

As my research master Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies progressed, it became time to choose a subject for my thesis. As an avid reader myself, I wondered what reading was like in premodern times and how women may have been challenged or encouraged to read back then. I have therefore written my thesis on the discourse on and practice of female reading in England, Scotland and the Low Countries between 1500-1650, paying specific attention to the similarities in the discourse and practice within and between these countries, while also respecting and highlighting what makes each of them unique.

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Van ‘twigging’ tot bruggenhoofden: De definitieve vestiging van de gespecialiseerde wetenschapsuitgeverij in de naoorlogse jaren – online sessie

Op donderdag 20 mei organiseert de NBV weer een online sessie. Fleur Praal schetst in deze online sessie de context van de zich specialiserende wetenschapsuitgeverij na de oorlog, in een cruciale periode van vestiging, wederopbouw en bloei.

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